Top 5 Home Decor That Surely Loved By Women

Marie Garcia

Women and home décor have so much in common, they have the same strong qualities that create a wonderful home. Both provide inspiration and symbolize the power of serenity and calmness. Both own a beautiful balancing elements that leave a positive impression on everyone's life especially to those people who consists the home.

As we celebrate Women Today, let us appreciate this day by listing the top five home décor ideas that surely loved by women.

1. Vases

Vases are décor that sustain beauty, where flowers are stored and kept alive. 

Blue Pottery Vase | Blue Pottery Plates

It is believed to be a universal decorative item that most people use since ancient times.  The ancient Egyptians are thought to be the earliest civilization to have used vases for decorative purposes. That is why at home, this décor must be included in the collection.

antique vases

Set of 3 Vases | Wooden Wall Decor

There are different types of vases to choose from, based on the process or the elements it is made of; the fragile ones or mainly the elegant ones are categorized as ceramics, blue pottery, porcelain, glass etc.

Blue Pottery Vases Collection from Jaipur India

Blue Pottery is widely recognized as a traditional craft of Jaipur, though it is Turko-Persian in origin. The name 'blue pottery' comes from the eye-catching blue dye used to color the pottery. The Persian Art of blue pottery came to Jaipur from Persia and Afghanistan via Mughal Courts.

These are hand painted vases known to be made by artisans in Jaipur but nowadays, most of the manufacturers came from different part of the world. The process of making the pottery is the same but there are distinguishable features like colors and designs made by hand that you may notice in every origin of each item.

The floral feature is what makes blue pottery vases unique from the other and that's what makes women love this decoration. Having this decoration at home makes the ambiance refreshing and beautiful with or without flowers in it.

2. Candle Holder or Bakhoor Holder

Most type of candle holders are use for decoration purposes because they serve a dual purpose in every household. Some of the designs that you can use as candle holder can also be used as bakhoor burner or scent burner.

candle holders

Candle Holder | Bird Feeder

marble decor

Marble Ball Candle Holder or Bakhoor Holder 

Most women love to use this as a decorative component for special occasions especially weddings or birthday celebrations. 

3. Plates and Trays

Plates and trays are not only used for dinning tables, they can also be used as trinket holder to hold precious things together.

marble tray

Marble Tray


Since women are known to be organized and neatly decorative in nature, these décor are very useful for every woman.

Tray | Jars | Candle Holder

trinket bowl and tray

Marble Trinket Holder with Tray

Use decorative plates and trays to keep things tidy on the tabletop or use these to serve food on the table.

Black Marble Plate 12"


4. Wall Art Decoration

Hanging décor or wall décor are generally use to accessorize the upper part of the room which specifically pertains to empty wall or ceiling. Which means, these serve a huge part on sprucing up the empty space.

women art decor

Art Decor Writings

In interior design, wall décor are the best expression of unspoken thoughts. We treat art as a freedom of expression. The moment you hang those artwork on the walls, you also decided to hang your thoughts.

Kitchen Wall Decor

As women known to be intuitive, they generally choose art décor that expresses intuition and sometimes, believe that the right wall décor can be some sort of a way to express emotion inside the room.


5. Storage Boxes

Storage boxes that are perfect in keeping important things always work best with women. The more functional it is the more women love it. Some storage boxes are multi-functional, that is great to keep anything like; jewelries, keys, snacks or any small home accessories.

marble storage box

Marble Storage Box

This modern work of art on the fitted tile is a storage box made with wood. 3 beautiful ceramic-style tiles adorn the top of the wooden box best place to keep the kitchen utensils or cutlery.


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