Epoxy Resin Home Decor Ideas You'll Surely Love

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Min ayn offers unique designs of home decor that are handcrafted from great quality glazed epoxy resin art, with a colorful finish. 

Here are beautiful ideas from Min Ayn Home Decor Collection:


Combined together with a sturdy and durable stand that is sure to add a dimension of beauty and elegance to your table.

epoxy resin table

This centerpiece creates extra space underneath to maximize the dining table surface and beautify it in a useful way. It can also be ideal as a serving accessory for dining tables of a classy restaurant or for your own beautiful home.

epoxy resin table art

They have two sizes, small decor one tier table and living room center table.  

You can style it along with another small decor into the living room as a simply elegant masterpiece.


2. Epoxy Resin Trinket Holder

This beautiful Feather-shaped jewelry trinket plate, crafted from great quality glazed epoxy resin art.


Sophisticated design with elegant lines, two-shade budget decor that will surely make your home look expensive.

These small trinket plates are perfect for holding and organizing your rings, small necklaces, jewelry, and can be a beautiful display on your bedroom table or vanity countertop table.


With these beautiful resin coasters with gold electroplated edges, you can keep stains off your tabletop surfaces. Every tabletop looks classy thanks to the festive tiffany blue color. 

Each coaster has a distinct design, shape, size, and pattern that will undoubtedly add to the ambiance of your home.

These coaster are handcrafted from resin, which ensures that the color and design will last for years.

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