Ramadan Home Decor Gift Ideas 2021

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Ramadan is the holy month of the year and is understood to be the season that people are expected to be social and most likely to perform their beliefs and religious practices. Unity within the group is expected but during this period of COVID19 crisis, we are advised to stay at home that is why some of these practices will least be expected like the usual.

ramadan decor

Arabesque Ramadan Decor | Ceramic Jars

During this period of COVID-19 pandemic, many people are restricted in their movements; but, if restrictions allow, we should always practice physical distancing and proper hand hygiene even during any exercise activity. Indoor physical actions and online transactions are in demand that is why online shopping has been hitting the trend these days.

Although, most of us are advised to be responsible with our actions, and to take care of ourselves, it doesn't mean that we cannot celebrate special occasion just like before. Most people love to come up with an idea of designing your home interiors to change the ambiance inside their homes.

These are beautiful home decor gift ideas that you’ll definitely love to give away to your love ones. You can send gift to your loved ones within in UAE with our free delivery services. 

1. Candle Holders

Fasting, praying for the introspection of spirits, and gatherings with Muslim families/friends are to be carried out, like eating together during iftar or before dawn. Candles are the number one decor that are used during Ramadan season to solemnly express our reelections while we are praying, we light up the candles. It'll be more useful if you put the candles on beautiful holders that will also serve as a decoration table or on the altar. 

Candle Holder | Marble Tabletop

2. Bakhoor Burner or Aroma Oil Burner

To experience unbeatable fragrance at home, air fresheners come in different types but in middle east countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia, perfume Bakhoor is a trend and some people use these at home not only for their own essence of luxury but also as an essential and useful decor to make the house more welcoming to visitors.

 Marble Bakhoor Burner | Marble Candle Holder


3. Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are very useful gifts during Ramadan season, not only it help you store snacks or any precious things inside, it can also be use overtime. 

Wooden Storage Box 

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