5 Ideas How To Beautify Your Home With Hanging Decor

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Hanging Decor makes the wall look elegant. It occupies the empty walls in your room or outdoor walls. 

Here are the ideas on how to style our beautiful and unique Hanging Candle Holders. 

1. Place these hanging decor on the outdoor walls near the porch. These decors are perfect for creating an awe-inspiring view in front of the entrance of your house. The front of the facade will become more interesting when you add colorful and unique decor.

Metal Hanging Torch Candle Holder 

Torch Candle Holder is traditionally designed and hand-painted, which adds a character to the temperament in any space. Spice up your walls with our beautiful torch shaped candle holder. 

2. Hang them on the Garden Walls to add interesting beauty and colors to the open area.

The whimsical hanging garden decor will look classy on your exterior walls! Torch like decor is one of the fantastic decorations for medieval theme stone houses, natural and traditional or victorian style home. torch design candle holder which is just like they the one you have on fairytale castles are beautifully made to create a comfortable and magical ambiance. 

3. Place It Near the Window - On the Same Height. Making the window more lavish and attractive, it calls attention to the windowpane and the grass or plants around it.


4. Decorate Your Living Room Walls With Rustic Wooden Wall Decor. Fill the empty space on your plain stone walls with unique wood decor that will surely make it simply sophisticated.


Tastefully created wood carved floral wall art, this teak wood frame is the perfect example of intricate wood carving, making it appealing to the eye. A product of India that expresses a wonderful home decorative ambiance. Please note that you may see a slight difference in color as compared to that seen in the picture. Also, since most products are handmade and they are crafted from natural wood, there may be a slight size variation.

5. Put Them Altogether and hang them at the center of you Lawn, Backyard or Garden.


Hand-painted metallic tea light holder is a new and ethnic concept in modern households. This will look artistic and festive on the environment, especially during the afternoon when the sun is shining. Hanging Decor comes with a chain hence it can be hung as well as kept inside the house. Beautiful crafting on it enables the spread of light in all directions, making the surroundings aesthetically pleasing.


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