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Storage boxes compliment your style and are perfect for hiding your things from plain sight. We at Minayn bring to you contemporary storage ideas and ways to use a simple yet stylish storage box.

Free up space on your table by making use of this storage box to keep your things organized. This miniature storage box with 6 drawers, each intricately designed to suit your preference, is certainly one of a kind.

Are you wondering what you could get out of a mere storage box? Well, yet again, we’re here with some brilliant ideas for you to enhance your home decor with a teeny tiny storage box:

* Chocolates: If you’ve got a sweet tooth, I’m sure you have chocolates at home for those random cravings. Use this box to store those ‘little drops of heaven’ and indulge in style!

Jewelry: We women sure love our jewelry. Unfortunately, more often than not we can’t keep track of where we’ve left them, especially the little ones. This box could be the solution to your jewelry problems!

* Sewing Essentials: Most traditional households have a sewing set to take care of various clothing needs. Our storage box would be the perfect place to step away from the mainstream practice and store your sewing essentials with panache!

* Candles: If you’re a regular Minaynian, you know we love our candles. That’s another thing this box can be used for – organizing those little scented tea light candles!

* Flowers: If there’s anything we love more than candles, it’s flowers. One of nature’s beautiful offerings, flowers can complement any item with their bright colors and stunning petals. Try it, you can’t go wrong with flowers.

So there you go! Those are our top 5 suggestions to use our beautiful mini storage box. If you have any more, do let us know in the comments section. Don’t forget to visit for your daily dose of decor shopping!

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