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If you are thinking about sprucing up your home interior, then you need to go shopping but let's not deny that you are looking for an affordable decor.
Here's the list of our handmade home decor items that will surely help you decide which decor to choose from.

Wooden Tissue Box Holder

Our tissue box collection is made of wood and hand-painted in different vibrant colors. It is perfect for a dining table or to keep in the car. You can buy these on ranges $10-$20 only.

Ceramic Coffee Mugs / Cups

Wide range selection of designs are available in store. Our Drinkware Collection includes handmade ceramic tea sets, cups, and mugs. High-quality handmade products, manufactured by local artists/artisans. These items are mainly used for home decor, kitchen accessories, and display and gifting purposes. You can buy these on ranges $10-$30 only.

Blue Pottery Floral Vases

Our Blue pottery flower vase is an outstanding example of Jaipur blue pottery. The absence of clay in this pottery makes it very fragile, so be careful with it. Store your fresh blooms in this highly vibrant vase. It should occupy a prime slot on your display case.


So much more than a vase, a playfully designed blue and white pottery art piece which is a chic minimal add on to the beauty of your room. You can buy these on ranges $50-$60 only.


Candle Holders

These candle holders are handmade and hand painted by local artisans, promoting an elegant traditional and modern designs for home decoration purposes. 

The main material used  for our candle holder collection are wood, brass, stainless steel, marble, marble inlay, ceramic, blue pottery or iron. You can buy these on ranges $10-$20 only.


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