How To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

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When you tell yourself that you're on a budget, DECLARE AN EXACT AMOUNT AND STICK ON THE BUDGET. Take note that if you declare an amount, make sure to tell yourself that it is not okay to exceed even 1 cent. That is how you can stick to your budgeting. Always identify how much budget you need to spend this season to decorate your home. If your budget for decor and furniture is $500, stick to it seriously. Same goes to other expenses.

But how to stick on your budget? How can you make your home beautiful, and decorate it the way you want it to look like?

Here are 5 tips that can help you along the way, if you want to decorate your home on a tight budget.

1. GRAB A NOTEBOOK. Yes, a notebook. Not a cellphone, tablet or a laptop! Why? Because electronics can distract you in making decisions. 

handmade notebook

Handmade Notebook

Budgeting requires focus and it may be something personal so you need to internalize what you really want. Plan, draw or list down the things you need for decorating your house, the way you want it.

2. DO NOT BUY IN ONE STORE ONLY. BUY AS MANY AS YOU CAN IN ONE STORE TO ANOTHER TO AVAIL BULK ORDER OR WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS, OR FREE SHIPPING. If you are going to check out some stuff, compare the prices on every store you visit, you may take notes and refer to your notes later on. That is why it is important to take some notes and listing the stuff you need to buy, in that way you can save more money and stick to your budget.

 bulk discounts

Lantern Candle Holder

Buying online is a lot more cheaper than buying to any physical stores because aside from availing sale items, you can also use promo codes or coupon codes, that you can search and found from any bloggers or vloggers feed online. You can also save money for travel or transportation fees. 

3. CHOOSE HANDMADE DECOR OR HANDICRAFTS. Handmade decor like, candles, are cheaper. You can buy ready made or if you have too much time, you can do it yourself to maximize the budget.


4. CONSIDER THE MATERIAL USED. In budgeting, one of the important details you need to take note is what are the materials that fit on your budget. I you want to stick on your budget you need to check which materials you are using. Choose one color palette if you want to stay on your budget, colorful decor are more pricey than neutral ones. Get back to your notes and write it down now.

wooden boxes


Woods with neutral color and ceramic pieces are cheaper than any other material, most of the woods and ceramic are handmade and can be styled perfectly with any tone of furniture.

leaf decor

Leaf Decor | Feather Decor

When it comes to choosing flowers, you can also choose faux flowers instead, if you are on a budget, they will look lovely on the tabletop too!

5. BUY HOME ACCESSORIES IN SETS. Buying in sets or bulk is a lot more cheaper that buying one piece at once. Besides, it can be a lot more nicer in the eye , if the decor pieces are displaying some unity through ambiance.

belu pottery vases

Blue Pottery Vases

ceramic mugs

Ceramic Mugs

Whether it is based on color scheme or the theme, you always need to make sure it'll feel like home where everything looks belong to each other.




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