5 Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Look Happy

Marie Garcia decor decoration ideas

If you think your home needs an upgrade when it comes to mood and vibes, we are here for you. Transforming your home has something to do with a simple twist on the decor and colors, so here's 5 simple ideas that will help you decorate your happy place

Put up Plenty of Light Source

Lighting is so important when it comes to designing the corners of your bedroom. 

 Vintage Table Lamp

Even you have a tiny bedroom or living room, you can decorate it in a nice way and good ambiance, like putting a nice table lamp on the study table or decorating the tabletop with lots of candles at night.

Marble Stainless Steel Table


You can spread the light around the room or choose accent decor that will serve a lot of purpose at home, like candles, lamps, candle holders. Bakhoor holders, glass vases or different types of trinket holders.

Decorate With Colorful Decor

If you want an instant positive vibes throughout the house, I would suggest to play with colorful decor, and choosing interior themes like eclectic and contemporary combination.

marble stainless steel table

In interior design, one thing that evokes mood is colors. Color can accessorize a space. Warm tones, such as red, orange, and yellow can enliven the space and its occupants. Cool tones such as blue, green and purple create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Blue pottery colorful plates you can used as table decor or wall decor.

Finding a house to live is not easy, same as filling up the empty spaces, with furniture and decor stuff. But these stuff wont' be enough, to make your house transform into a "home". For some people, having a house is not enough, they have to build happiness to call it a 'happy home".  That is why you need to choose decor that can generate a positive mood to your home.

blue pottery vase

Choose Accents That Add More Color To Plain Ones

Make your home attractively beautiful with choosing the right decor for your home.

Floral Ceramic Planter

If you chose a earthly wooden furniture and plain color walls, the use of rich combination of various colors will give it a very pleasant feeling in the ambiance.  

 Blue Pottery Vase | Inlay Marble Tray

Decor like floral vase, trinket tray or accent center decor can add more positive vibes in the plain color rooms, and it'll make the interior look happy and alive.


Metal Leaf Wall Hooks

Another technique to make color positive vibes and transform  your home into happy ambiance is, choosing the color of the decor in same shading  and color palettes. 

Declutter With Sparkling Elegance

Decluttering your things can make the home look neat and organized , which can affect the mood of the people living inside your home,  the visitors, and also your own mental health too. Who doesn't want things that are organized? 


 Glass Jar, Marble Jar, and Coaster

One way to do some organization is decorating with trays and trinket holders. It keeps the decor in one place, making the tabletop looks neat and fancy.

Epoxy Resin Trinket Holder

Display Decor With Sentimental Value

Decorating your room with sentimental items, is one way to make your home looks like a happy home. Something that someone has given to you, an award, medals or simple a wall framed decor that can change your mood every time you spot it hanging or displayed in the corner of your room.

 Wall Frame Decor

You also add personalized decor, with your name or initials like wooden decoration on your tabletop.

Personalized Wooden Wall Decor

Decor should be hung like a gallery or department store, on the wall and framed with wood frame or any DIY frame you can find. Put a handful of images in an open container - an old bowl, an antique drawer, a lovely basket, an inspirational quote decor or anything that's open - and display them on a table or shelf.


 Framed Decor

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