How To Earn And Save Money While Shopping With Min Ayn Home

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Nowadays, a lot of transactions are conducted online. There has been a lot of innovative options that we've come up to survive and to suit ourselves. One of those options is "Online Shopping" during COVID19 pandemic.

As we take precautions with our lives to keep safe, we always choose the most convenient way. 

It was kind of advantageous somehow. While we stay at home, we can swipe our phone screen and add to cart. But whether we need it or want it, money is all that matters.

home decor online shopping

Anyhow, our minds has been set when it comes to budgeting our income and thrifting the money we have in our bank accounts.

Regardless of the health situation that is going on right now, managing our finances is one of the most challenging things we do in our lives.

Yes, we can minimize the expenses but, that doesn't mean that we cannot enjoy the things that we've always love or refrain from buying the necessities. 

What's the point of working hard or living your life anyway?

Here's how to earn and save money while you enjoy the things you shop online.


Coupon codes are promotional discount codes that we give out to customers. 

We always want beautiful things for our customers,  with an incentive to buy, you can save while shopping with us, which is both beneficial to both of us.


If you are looking for best way to save money while shopping, this is the best option. So before you proceed to check out, make sure to search for a legit  coupon code that is valid to our online store. 

There are two ways how to get a Min Ayn Home promo code:

  • Follow us on Instagram or Facebook page -  we post twice a day to keep everyone posted of our new collections, offers, or discounts.
  • Search for it. You can get coupon codes from our affiliate bloggers and creators, they are sharing it anywhere online.
  • Create an account - we let our customers manage their own shopping experience. If you create an account in our store you are lucky to receive discount updates, latest offer and loyalty points whenever you shop with us; plus having an account means you can monitor your expenses with us and in that way you can manage your budget easily.

create accoutn online shopping



In every visit to our store, we have a pop up newsletter coming out to suggest you the latest offers and discounts.

 pop up newsletter

You just need to register your Birthdate and Email ID to receive our weekly newsletter. In emails we send out every week, it will give you privilege to be the first to know our latest promotions and discount.

We ask our customers' birthdate, so we can give away gift updates and exciting offers on a special day.


At Min Ayn, we know that people loves sale and discounts, so as we started the brand our goal is to provide affordable deals to our customers. We recently launch weekly deals, wherein we make our prices affordable from time to time.

 sale home decor

We are also on sale each month or on every season and occasion, to give our customers a wise shopping experience.


Last year 2020, online shopping has become more in demand and free shipping is one of the main reason that made it possible. Who wouldn't want this offer? If you are on a budget, this offer is one of the best way to save money while you shop online.

In Min Ayn Home, we are charging 25 AED standard rate for local deliveries, hence if you are buying worth 50 AED items, you won't have to pay for the shipping fee anymore. Isn't it a great deal and a very exciting offer?

Some people think that paying shipping fee is a bit pricey, but you can always  try to strategize your shopping experience every time you shop. In that way you can save more money. 

Here's a tip how to take advantage of free shipping offer:

  • Buy all that things you need in one stop so you'll reach requirements for free shipping.
  • Search for a valid coupon code. Why? It adds more discounts!
  • Use Cash on delivery service; Why? Min Ayn won't charge COD Fees.


coffee mugs and cushion covers

Coffee Mugs | Cushion Covers| Marble Plates

Isn't it such a great feeling whenever you receive gifts and rewards? Since Min Ayn is showcasing home decor collections and handmade items made by local artisans around the world, it means all the work is made out of love.

Min Ayn believes that Love comes from loyalty so to give back to the consumers we offer MINPOINTS - loyalty reward program in which you can collect points and earn rewards.



There are two options you can choose from joining our team.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a passive income, and the opportunities are enormous, so it’s certainly something to try out.

affiliate marketing


The Min Ayn brand means only the very best and aim to inspire people. In that case, the brand are always looking for creative and strategic people who loves to be an inspiration to others. 

If you are one of them, then this program is perfect for you to earn money online while doing what you've always want and take note, it might always be related to shopping!

 affiliate marketing goaff pro uae

There are only 3 Things to Consider Before Becoming an Affiliate , but there are a lot of options to navigate an effective strategy to successfully do it, and on top of that, the online market is drastically evolving from time to time. Just don't give up on finding out and see the result for yourself. 


At Min Ayn, we value art, passion and skills. we give our people the best privilege that every small business, artisan or vendor would ever had. So if you are looking for a place to showcase your masterpieces in a wider audience, this one is for you. 

 vendor partnership program

Join us to get free listing of your handmade products, sell what you love, earn and grow with us together online. 

No matter how big or small your brand is, Min Ayn is always open to do some business with someone artistic and passionate like you.

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